Dr. Stephan C. Maier

Dr. Stephan C. Maier works in Insurance Practice with particular focus on the optimisation of business and operating models. He manages the EY Innovalue Operations Competence Centre. He has been in the company since 2012 and is working as a partner & managing director for EY Innovalue.

His consulting work focuses on process optimisation, operating models, restructuring, cost-cutting as well as post-merger integration for insurance companies in particular. In over 20 years of advisory work, Stephan C. Maier has systematically deepened his knowledge in this area and has successfully assisted many insurance companies over the years in streamlining their sales, operating and claims processes as well as realigning their business and operating models.

Dr. Stephan C. Maier studied business administration in Passau. Before beginning his career at EY Innovalue, he served as general partner at Schickler Management Consulting. Previously, he worked as a consultant for Andersen Consulting (currently: Accenture) and IconMedialab.