In these times of change, executives are facing a considerable challenge – “how can anyone succeed in becoming more competitive in the short-term and at the same time create sustainable long-term value within the dynamic changing environment?”

To address this key question, we – as a strategic advisory partner – are supporting senior executives throughout the financial services industry with "High-Value Consulting – down to earth".

We attribute our success over the last 10 years to our four guiding principles.




Our expertise is a result of deep and unrivalled knowledge of the financial services industries. From our founding, we have consistently focused on those industries that we know and understand in detail.

As a client, you will realise that few management advisory firms hold a comparable level of expertise in our industries of focus. Right from the start of a project you will feel that our teams are at home with your business and your challenges.


We are convinced that the best advice is never developed in isolation, behind closed doors, but in partnership with our clients.

Thus our second performance principle: “one team”. Our collaborative approach with client teams is intrinsic to our work.

This partnership not only makes a difference in terms of quality and value of our advice, but also contributes to a positive impact at a personal level through mutual trust. This can only be established through honest and open communication and mutual understanding. These factors provide the foundation for our recommendations and conclusions that are endorsed, shared and supported, and ultimately implemented, within the client’s organisation.


What is the value of a good strategic analysis which does not stand a chance to be implemented due to internal or external factors? In our opinion: none. This is why we take particular care that our recommendations are realistic and feasible.

Nowadays, this should go without saying for strategic advisors, however, unfortunately this is not always the case. At our company, we have made this one of our core principles - we deliver "High-Value Consulting – down to earth".


The feedback that we receive at the end of each project shows that our work provides genuine added value to our clients.

We create an extraordinarily high “return on consulting investment” - and practically all of our clients would unreservedly recommend us.

These are values which bring us back to our fourth, and perhaps most important principle: We always make a tangible and relevant contribution to the competitiveness of our clients.