Education and commitment

As a graduate, you should have an above-average degree classification. Your work experience or education should demonstrate your high level of interest in our key focus areas of insurance, payments and banking. Involvement in extracurricular activities – such as a student consulting group – makes clear to us that you are interested in we what do and our areas of specialisation. Of course you will ultimately need to convince us in person at a later interview, but even at the first shortlisting of incoming applications we pay attention not only to very good grades but also to extracurricular activities.

Personality and team spirit

Together, we are building a strong team and look forward to having new team members who will enrich us! As a person, you are entrepreneurially-minded, goal-oriented and persuasive. Your professional commitment and your willingness to work hard add to your team spirit. You always act and communicate in an open and fair manner. You are characterised by your exceptional analytical skills, social competence and a level of commitment that is well above average, as well as the way that you act in a results-oriented manner. You look for the best solution – not the most complicated one. Having a confident demeanour and client-oriented communication are things that come naturally to you. We always act as a team: differences in opinion are discussed in a frank and objective manner internally, although not in front of clients.

Application process

Please submit your completed application form to us via email. We will look through your details very carefully and will arrange a telephone interview if you make a positive first impression with us. During this interview, we wish to evaluate your foundational motivation and expectations about the start of your career. During the duration of the selection process, you will have one-on-one meetings with Managers, Associate Directors and Partners. On the basis of these interviews and by using practical case studies, we want to get an idea of your personal and social strong points as well as your analytical competencies. Our case studies do not expect any sector-specific expertise but at the same time, they give you the opportunity to show off your problem-solving skills and your foundational business management knowledge. Following the interviews, we will gladly show you around your future workplace and will give you the opportunity to discuss practical questions with our members of staff during an informal lunch and to meet potential colleagues.


Even though we do not require you to have any specialised knowledge, you can still consult relevant literature to help you prepare for our case studies or use Internet recruitment portals to prepare you for the challenges in the interview. Being familiar with a case study exercise will help you to stay calm and composed, even if the questions posed get a little tricky and your head arithmetic skills are challenged.

Please think about your application form as a whole, including any certificates, and use your most relevant practical experiences to persuade us of your passion for our key areas. In the interviews, we value your authenticity – it is your personality and abilities that will persuade us.


Contact Person

Simone Danziger
Head of Recruiting