Christian Mylius


Even while pursuing my degree in business administration, I often wondered what the right career path for me was. Time and again I stumbled across the topic of independence, which is not surprising since independence had been instilled in me from a very young age. After two positions in large consulting firms, it soon became clear to me that I had to follow my own path; this would also be in the advisory industry, but along a different path somehow. That's how the idea of INNOVALUE was born.

We founded INNOVALUE in at the same time as 9/11, i.e. in September 2001. It was probably not the best time for starting a company, but is there ever really a best time?
We were convinced of our concept: a small but efficient advisory firm focussed on the financial services industry that creates value for our customers through innovative ideas. We have remained steadfastly true to this approach.

What continues to fascinate me is working with our customers on the continuously growing challenges and developing individually customised solutions. These solutions are different, not mainstream. Solutions that use a creative approach to make it possible to grow in saturated markets and that are practical and feasible for business owners.

Now after 15 years, I can look back with some pride. At EY Innovalue, we have developed an advisory firm currently operating from three locations and with nearly 50 advisers at various international locations. Our customers confirm this by staying loyal to us. Likewise our service providers have also stayed with us for many years, which is quite unusual in this industry. We support our talent in career development whenever we can. Be it by delivering the most exciting projects, working personally as partners in the daily project work and thus also in the training of our teams, or through the financing of targeted MBA programmes.

Our two most important assets are our clients and our highly talented and just as experienced colleagues. Only by focusing entirely on our work will we continue to grow. That's why I happily get up early in the morning, get on the next airplane and further develop our company. And if I'm on a plane – where I am seated right now as I write this text – and think about EY Innovalue, then that puts a smile on my face.


Christian Mylius studied Business Management in Hamburg, Malente and the USA. Before the founding of INNOVALUE, he worked for the management consulting firms Mummert + Partner and Ponton Consulting. Currently he works as Partner & Managing Director for EY Innovalue's Insurance Practice.