Sabrina Bayer


When I was offered the opportunity to become part of the EY Innovalue team, I did not have to think twice, because the honest and constructive working atmosphere, as well as the direct contact with our clients and our highest hierarchy level, the partners, impressed me from the outset.

What is exceptional about EY Innovalue for me, personally, is that I was allowed to take on responsibility from day one. I feel part of an enormously successful company, working in one of the most diverse and exciting advisory fields in the entire financial services industry. My work with EY Innovalue is therefore shaped by the most diverse clients and tasks. For me, being a consultant predominantly means providing a company with insights. This refers as much to internal circumstances as it does to external factors and trends.

My life motto is: "There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs." This is how I live both my professional and private life, and how I go about my journeys to foreign places and towns. This is how a street café on Montmartre in Paris became my favourite spot. Because I love travelling so much, I am already planning my next adventure, which will take me to the United Arab Emirates and its neighbouring countries.


­Before becoming an associate of EY Innovalue, Sabrina Bayer successfully earned a Master’s degree in Market-oriented Business Management, majoring in M&A, Recovery and Turnaround Management, and Portfolio and Asset Management in Cologne. Before that, she graduated from Trier University, and from the French-speaking Business School of the University of Liège, Belgium, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. Alongside her degree, she gained insight into auditing by working as a student trainee for KPMG AG.