Market strategy for a top-5 insurance company


Market strategy for a top-5 insurance company

Initial situation and project goal

A globally operating top-5 insurance company offering life, composite and health insurance products through various sales channels, generates about 20% of the overall turnover through insurance agents and brokers. Within the context of a declining percentage of turnover in provision products as well as in lower forecasted growth in the independent agent market, the strategic course for growth in the broker and agent sales must be set.

This led to the creation of the "broker strategy" project. The goal of the project is the strategic alignment of broker sales and to position it with a corresponding USP in order to achieve the turnover goals of the insurance group and to continue to sell and market the products successfully.

Project steps

The most important project milestones include:

  • Creation of transparency regarding the initial situation on the German broker and agent market
  • Assessment of the insurers current positioning in the broker and agent market with the support of the EY Innovalue Broker Potential Analysis as well as under consideration of the relevant requirements or success factors from the perspective of the broker segment
  • Derivation and assessment of sales strategic options and specific actions needed for optimisation/ growth
  • Establishment of a "broker strategy" under consideration of targeted strategic guidelines (e.g., within the context of the company) as well as under consideration of the intermediate goal of efficiency
  • Derivation of broker segmentation strategy in the full spectrum of sales, operations and claims
  • Conceptualisation, e.g. in terms of a broker story, sales structure, organisational structure, consulting and services, IT requirements, strategic product requirements, sales management and career system
  • Implementation of a broker categorisation and definition of service levels
  • Definition of specific measures as well as establishment of a chronological roadmap and project organisation for the implementation
  • Quantification of measures in the form of a cross-discipline business case

Project results and outlook

  • Corporate or cross-divisional broker strategy
  • "Broker story" with clear positioning and defined service promise
  • Broker-specific segments, go-to-market logic that meets requirements
  • Focus on professional, profitable and high-potential brokers
  • Lean organisational structure that meet requirements
  • Comprehensive product management with flexible product development and sales-specific focus
  • Efficient process support of broker-relevant processes


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