Accompanying a trans­action upon acquisition of a terminal portfolio


Initial situation and project goal

The customer is one of the leading providers in the network operations and merchant acquiring segment in Germany and Europe. The international presence is continually expanded by entering of markets with a "follow your customer" strategy. In order to speed up the international growth and to successful complete the entrance into another international market, the acquisition of companies has become a topic. EY Innovalue has successfully accompanied this project through the target market analysis as well as the support in the acquisition of a terminal portfolio as part of an asset deal.


Project steps

The most important project milestones include:

  • Detailed analysis of the market and competitive environment
  • Valuation of the assets to be transferred, in particular the terminal portfolio
  • Transaction structuring and negotiation support through to contract signing
  • Planning and preparation of a target operating model
  • Compiling an in-depth business plan as well as a revenue plan


Project results and outlook

  • Transparency of the target country including market structure and competitive environment as a main input for business plan and valuation
  • Structuring of a target operating model in the target country as well as in the interface to the local market
  • Detailed business plan including assumptions for structuring of local sales staff and capacities, transferring to own products as well as the operational costs
  • Detailed sales planning
  • Minimisation of risks for the purchaser through the selected transaction structure
  • Successful conclusion of the transaction at a historically low purchase price