Business valuation of an online financial service provider


Initial situation and project goal

An online financial service provider experiencing dynamic growth was seeking to raise further capital to expand its business. The aim of the project was to create a timetable for the raising of the existing capital market valuation so as to gain further institutional investors.


Project steps

The most important milestones in the project included:

  • Analysis of the historical capital market valuation
  • Identification of value drivers for the individual business areas
  • Financial valuation of the individual business areas using various valuation methods (including peer group comparison)
  • Evaluation of additional, new regulatory requirements through possible change to the stock exchange segment


Project results and outlook

  • Comparison of the capital market valuations of leading online financial service providers
  • Developing strategic measures and value drivers for the management
  • Identification of additional leverage, including for the purpose of refining strategic positioning as well as improving communications with institutional investors